Eyes wide
I storm into your night
Paralized you
You can see fire through me

Come closer
I burn in the prismatic
Pages of your mind

Each bend
A fading impression of me
I can’t un-crease

Come closer
You can see the parts of me
I cut off for you. . .

I cringe like a crippled
As my pieces burn. . .
Yet you count the
Ways in which you accept me.

Me. The broken child.
The wounded.
The torn.
The different.
The Unknowing
The babe of retribution

She who does not know.

I visit places
I cannot go to
Climbing hideous mountains
You have not seen

My eyes burn
From the altitude
As I rise up from dead
In your dreams

How far I have gone
I can no longer
But I know you exist
In all your acceptance of me

Grateful as I am.
But say,
Come find me
In this ever sweet
Ecstasy of my love for you.
Were you to enter
Through my chambers
In the sky
You’ll find me.

In Rage.


One thought on “Rage

  1. dblossomgurl says:

    😦 how are u so awesome… ❤

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