Between Songs & Silences

I told myself the poetry was over
That you were gone
And I could whisper your name
In a quiet quiver
No one will ever hear. . .

It has almost been a whole year
Since the earth flickered
With the glitch that was your leaving

My heart still heaving
Claws at the mountain that
Will not overflow

I am an endless sum of all the things I will be, no more.

Your essence tosses and turns
As I Try to make you move
Further than my mind can recall

I am losing this tug of war with time
I miss being able to call you mine

The tear rolls into a drop that will not leave
My chest forever
In the precipice of a heave
Falling, hurling into a soundless wail
This mind, so frail
It won’t let me cry. . .

This monumental transformation of my life
Smeared in this Bastard pain
All is empty from within.

And you disappeared, into the sky.




One thought on “Between Songs & Silences

  1. Astha says:

    This knocked my breath away. Love the song as well. I love you, dood.

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