The Unlikely Orphan (Part II)



. . . And then she pondered
Over love,
And wondered what it was.
And you painted yellow
Canvases of a grandmother
You once knew.

She looks up to you.

But it’s right that you
May want to leave
What you think
Is probably true

You are right to wonder
What you might
Get into.

Too much.
Too tough.
Just a little way more than enough.

How do you love a person
Who’s never been loved?

Well I guess you’ve met. . .The Unlikely Orphan.

Whole. BUT, not whole enough.
Running out back-doors
Crawling out of skins
She can’t recognize.

Chaos, her only device.

Say hello to
This unlikely person.

The chinois strains
Out every last gallon of
Blood she drew
But it doesn’t pour down
As red as you.

Something’s different.

It’s the case of the unlikely person.

Here’s a mystery you don’t have to solve.
You’ve seen more than the ones seen all.
You can leave.
For you, I leave the front door open.

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