I love the winters, so cold
They freeze these streaming layers
Into a numb.

It is in winter that I can think.
In these fogy mornings
Where I begin.

The air, crisp,
The sun, a blazing beam
And in between, is I:
Oozing hot and cold
From your pulse
So incorrectly read by me.

I reflect against the curve of your lips.
Hide under the shades of your lids.
And then I point a finger at you.

Look at me shinning through your skin.
Lover, where do I even begin
To heal.

Ask me for my strength
Then cup your hands
In offering,
I need you.

Like father
Like friend
Like lover
Like the winter I love so much.

Freeze over these aching layers
And calm me.
Or let me melt through, instead
And be born again, in Snow.

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