You met me in the dark
Under colored lights
And false steps
And a floor enchanted.

Inebriated I
And you, XTstatic.
Your words toppled,
As my untrained eyes followed.

A failing Sherlock, I.
Deduction brought me
Closer to the agave
I never should’ve tried.

Drunk dance.
Dance drunk . . .
. . . And from it,
A dream unexpected.

I faintly remember that walk.
Your lips still move in the dark
And my mind races, still trying to
Catch up.

Craving layers and scouting depth
I hoped you were nothing,
Secretly knowing you were more.

Damp light. Light breeze.
A fever crawled from
The edges of the blades we sat on.

And then we kissed.

. . . From it . . . A dream unexpected.

The sea quieted herself
In the distance: not wanting to intrude. . .

The stars squinted into
A naive twinkle
As they tried to disappear.

And then you took my hand and kissed it.

The night never did end.
And day forgot to begin.
Between corridors and passages
And turns that lead to nowhere,
Midnight came and midnight left.

Somewhere between your kisses
And our far reaching hands,
Time disappeared.

But the rooster peaked, and the alarm rang.
Unwilling, I held onto your kiss
In one last leaving try. .

Still surprised.
I inhaled softly, the fleeting ends
Of a fading dream.

A dream unexpected.
One I never thought I’d have.

But look how it changed me.

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2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. N says:

    Thank you lover 🙂

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