How Much Higher


I reach the sky and there’s sky still.
So I go higher
Through these illustrious bars of captivity.
Making nothing of gravity,
Before gravity makes nothing of me.
I Breathe, through the vacuum as I watch mere mortality
Debris back into the EARTH, lifelessly.
The sky eats me whole.
So hungry for reason, she devours what was once me.
What’s left isn’t breathing,
But breathtaking.
Temptation cases into drops of brightly stars and melts away.
I now know why the night calls so spritely.
Questions strip and tease into a dance
Still, enchanted their guises fall.
I see circles,  in endless loops and hoops on fire I don’t have to cross.
Conscience supernovas into
A storm
Yet somehow apes the Silence it reads.
My mind unfrantic
When suddenly,  I stop to see.
What lingers is an unfolding essence that I know I must call me.
Doubt’s familiar arms comfortably cradle me.
Must I return to mortality?

These clouds I have passed.
And everything now is different.
I go higher.

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