Don’t Stop Listening


Custard clouds boil into a rebellion
Against the night sky.
The stars fade out
Not wasting a shimmer on this night.
The moon smiles.

There is no battle here.
I love you.

My breath ricochets between dormant Stars
As they twinkle into their awakening.
Shimmer! Like the Perseid they fall.

The Universe pulses into a deep bass
As the galaxy bursts into a frenzy.

Don’t stop listening. Yet.

The waves operatically call my name in longing.
But I stay.
This vacuum bounces between Moons
And Venus breaks into an exaggerated storm.

You don’t get it!
Just like they don’t.
But don’t stop listening.


See I speak to you in songs.
While this grass thrives in its luscious greens
And the rains make theater of
A God they’ve only heard weak whispers of;
I plunge into the very core
Of this volcano life
To find you the songs to my heart,

So don’t stop listening.

Cultures cross borders
Writing their way into a legend
Nobody’s heard of yet.
Blood forgets the difference in
the color of its voice.

Maybe everything is red.

But you,
You can’t stop listening.
The music spills into
Sonnets and
Unending records
Desperate to be heard.
You can’t stop listening.

Cuz there’s things.
Things that I wanna tell you.

I Wanna Tell You- ViLLAGE


One thought on “Don’t Stop Listening

  1. dblossomgurl says:

    Beautious my love….

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