Tying Shoe Laces in Preparation


How do I say this.

Emotions heave
Over thoughts,
Words choke
Under itching
Tips of restless fingers.
While clogging at my
Chest, is a
Strange damp
And unknown sob.

There is a confession sniffling
Through the sinus.
Yet these
Wonted and otherwise blaring thoughts
Fog up against my skin.

How do I say this?

If these feet could
Recognize our steps
We could dance like
Innocence mattered again.

You are turning into
A greater distance
Than me

Oh! These games.
These human human games.

But I can’t anymore.
I cannot compete.
And I cannot deceive.

I was never one to
Play the cards right.

This is all I am.
Against everything
There is to me.

Things I wish you could see.

So how do I say it?
How do I scoop out these thawing
Layers of time?

Can you save
These tears in a jar
And hear the
Sonnet another night instead?

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