Light Up


Light up.
Like the Darkness
That slithers
Through these
That imitate
Your Silence.

Now hear yourself.

Skirt these
With your
Faithless fingers
And shiver at the
Depth of
Your Creation.

Now you made this.

You haunt
Like the
Minor Chord
That stumbled
And keeled over in the broken
Absurdity of your learning.

You lost lessons
In the symbolic
advent of your fall.

But you’ve long since fallen.
All glory and all.

So light up.
Like the louder thoughts you let
Escape through the
Inching cracks in your

You are thirsty.

Your world is
Frailly you stand
Between the infinite
Abyss of your far reaching
And the ghetto night cast
Over your reluctant eyes.

Know the way.
Light up
Through this Darkness.
Don’t Stay anymore.


Let the sky bleed
Color through the gaping chasm in your soul.
That the balmy waves of
Your inception can reach
And rock you to sleep.

Light up
And weep.

This has been a long time coming.

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