I want to say
“Fix me”.
Heal me with
Wisps of that beautifully
Golden place of
Joy you come from.
Mold me
Out of this precarious madness.

Fill these blaring
Cracks With your song.
Tell me I could be this wrong
And still have you.

Hold me so tight
That I un-break
Like clouds
Scattering away from the Sun.

I need to un-become.

Over these wounds
That your vibrations
Ricochet a curing balm
Over the insides of my skin.

I want to say
“Solder me”
Make an artisan
Of your heart
And watch me turn
Into the Sky-
I will smile
Sunshine in your
As your greatest masterpiece:

Undo me.
Set me Free.
Let me undress these
And look deep for
That reflection of me

I am selfish God.

So fix me.

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