Cool Off


Yes. It get’s hard.
When I can’t see past your
And your vision is as blurred
As a haunting winters morning.

Sometimes, you consume me.

Like the winter we first spoke
And slowly, everything started to change;
Time played back and forward
As seasons did a little dance
And Autumn first came to me.

Still Shedding.

Yes. It’s hard.
When your touch
Is a curved page
In my mind
And your kiss
A gush of wind
That blows these hidden
Pages out of tune.

I can only crease you down for later.

But it’s your eyes I miss the most.
One day I’ll tell you why.

Right now there’s things we can’t ignore.
So let’s fight some more.
Get on our nonchalant shrug
And walk away a little perhaps.

We both know we can’t tread too far.

But I know it’s hard.
When the winter melts
Into a desperate summer
Cocooned in our wistful tongues.
Even the sky asks for too much.

I could write a sermon in waiting.

And watch as pages
Sigh onto pages
Binding words within a quiet moan.

Until dreams find wings,
To fall helpless in your arms,
Let’s fight some more.
Let’s ask all the questions
And then ask them some more.

Let’s walk away, come back or pretend we don’t care.
There’s reasons for all of this somewhere.

It’s probably when I know you care.
Probably when you feel like I’m really there.

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