Hands unrestrained,
Still beyond control.

Not overzealous I.
But a mere servant.

They come like quiet hues
And canvas a deathly fog
In me.

Give in to the onslaught I must.
Must I?

For the whispers twist
And knot up inside.
From inside ears
I hear them gnaw.

Fingers find no meaning.
But the pulsing of my heart
Salivates with the feeling.

I am intoxicated.

Another day when mere survival
Comes in the way of dreams, it is.
Is it?

Not today.

Today a slave I am.
The kind I love to be.
Wolfing down colours
That splatter against
My starving mind.

My eyes bleed greed
My soul cries helpless.
And fingers to slav-ery give in.

Choice is not an option.
Either open I must.
Or die.

Two strikes
From dying keep me.
Do they?

Or am I already dead?

Empty witnesses nod in disagreement.
Still breathing I must be. Still Alive I am.

Am I?

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