I started off with something.

Now lost between the grand scheme of
Survival and the Making of Dreams.

I forget.

It ricochets like a crazy ball
And I catch each letter as it swings past
My ever searching inner eye.

D. I. S. S. O. L. V. E.

Like the melting edges of this
Growing. Fading. Flowing feeling that we are.

I can’t tell if it’s
The sweltering heat
Of our energies
That collides with
Our Circumstances.

But I want this Taboo.

You shift like the
Leaves on these trees
Hit by the Sun.
You move.
Like weightless
Clouds under the influence
Of an ever-coming breeze.

It frightens me.

I Started off with something.

. . . But then I stopped.
It’s not only that I forgot.

I decided not to.

My Mind scrambles for reasons.
My Pride speaks another language.

I wait for you to disappoint sometimes. But it’s not all your fault.


While I paint my dreams
And you pen yours into a rhyme.
So divine.

Like a little flicker in my Dark
I’m afraid to trust.

Must be a mirage, this.

See I started off with something.
And then the planets carefully
Moved into charge.

I am not in control.

Dousing the fire I
Never conceived could start.

A runner, just like me.
What are the possibilities?
I wont stretch this with
Labels we can’t permit.

So I just say
That I want this.


To explore all
Of the things
That I think it
Could do.

I let myself Dissolve instead.

See I started off with something. . .

And then the world seemed like an Impossible Conception.

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