A Nightmare

1348077597_A dream within a nightmare

Good afternoon
I write because
I know you read.

You seem to return right
On time.
Every 60 days
Your heart calls out to mine.

But we know your
proud conscience call’s
Nothing more than a silly scam.

You’ve made your way right into
my glorious Spam.

Your sweet words
Are like a dream.
It’s not long before
My heart tightens
around its seams.

You put descriptors
And Superlatives to shame.
I love that you have me to blame.
After all,
I drove you insane.

Like a beautiful reminder
You deja vu
Into my life
Your name flashes
And my muscles cringe.

I give you full leave.
Call me a Bitch again
I’ll continue to leave You
In this great big pile
of my noiseless bliss

Oh..You are so unprepared for this.

The less I say,
The more you taunt.
Like an open wound you
Come back to haunt.

But did you know that I pity you?

Ah who cares.
You’ve come for a battle
With weapons and flares.

So many fingers pointed
Right at me.
We both know I should probably succumb.
But you forget this is MY world now.
Out here you don’t belong.

I’ll always be
The “disfigured ugly heathen”
For you.
“Nobody wants” me you say.
And perhaps somewhere its even true.

But “believer” are you?
You say all things will one day come around?
Well DO you feel the HEAT of your
Unholy sound?

With every word that you speak
I feel so much better
Seeing you so weak.

You can curse and flail your hands
Swearing to be true.
You can hate and spit
And call me another name or two.

It’s alright.

I forgive you.
Now carry on.

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