Thin Places

Where the edges of your
And Mine

Where your
Eye lashes on
My cheeks
Sprinkle dusts
Of Gold-
Tiny freckles
Of heaven.
Tiny spaces
That carry my breath
And into the Wild.

I was married the day
You said this is it.
You said “this is it!”
And my knees buckled
And My heart quivered
And loosened from its

Thin Places.
Like the ones
We found each other in.
Where heaven and earth were so far apart
But I could smell the
Colours of your smile
From a mile away.

I have touched the edges of heaven
And let myself wander
Through its arteries.
And as the crevices
Began to close
I held on-
A pendent
around your neck.

Thin Places.
Where the boundaries
Of coupling were forgotten
And you were home
And I the tired wanderer
In searching.

Welcome home
You said.
And then you threw me out.

Thin Places;
Where music and love
Dance heaven
Into your lap
But you were
Always in want of more.
In need of more.

As if one love
That beats the odds
And swells up
Higher than
Aching Hearts
Wasn’t enough.

So you left me bleeding
Like a volcano
In mourning
Caught in an ancient time.

One day Rome will be forgotten.

And with it
I will narrate
The death of you
And me
And bleed verses
Of a Second Coming,
Like an Apostle
I will stand
Firm on my rock
As Rome is forgotten.
And with it
I will die.

Poetry that
Stings like
You and I.

But you won’t remember me.

Until you
Stumble- not poisoned
By your many vices,
upon one of those Thin Places.

Like a dream,
You’ll reach out your
Hands and touch the edge of heaven
And remember me.
Like an aching beating breath across the
Thorny acres of your chest;
You will feel me.

But never will I be in waiting of you again.
For These… are my thin places.

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