I want

I want a violin
To play tears
As I conclude
This final Bidding.

I want the
Winter wolves
To howl into
The morning’s
Ever friendly light
As I leave
The vacant forests
You left me in.

See I thought
I could travel
Into your soul
Barefooted and Walking.
Just to find your
I thought I could
Set Camp
Within your
Moist Weald
And sing
Poetry into
Your night.

See I thought I
Could course
Your pain
Chart it’s every branch
And pour
My love through
Your bleeding veins.
That you may never
Feel alone again.

And I did.

And as I did,
I Began to die.
See your pain
It seeped in.
And as you watched
The imbrued shadow
Of your woeful heart
Seep through me
Like a cankerous
I felt you ebb
Away like a dream.

Cinching your new
Found wings.

See you drained me.
Left me bereft of a voice.
You are dry from the
Truth of all that decays inside.

I want the violins
To play tears
As I conclude this
Final Bidding.
Undo this coaptation.
And leave the forests you
Left me in.

So with a stalling
Drop of tear
Soaked in your
Brazen hue,
I go further still
And bid you adieu.


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