Sinking day.
Sprinkle quiet
Into the night.


Can I light this
Pond on fire.
And dance
Naked till the
Sun cuts open
Another meaty
Wound into the
Ancient sky.

Till this
Flesh peels
And angels
Hold out their Hands
In joyous pride.

That the Realms
Unto the Earth
That I have Risen!

Straight from the
Dust and grime
I have come to rise.

Skin and bones
And pride
My wound-less

Look how prismatic
I shine.
Weeping colours
I could never unfold.
Gaze high into
The skies.


With cups and cans
And fragile jars
To fill them up
With me.

Catch me.

As I spill
Back onto the earth
By autonomous design.

Only so you could keep
A glowing memory
Of an ever aging

Before I slip away
And vapour
Into an honest night
That secretly slays the day.
Let me drink this
idle water ablaze.

Burn the shadows
Toward the light.
That from
Flesh to Flame
The wind whispers
Me back into
A sightless form.

For my thoughts
Make love
To the voices in your

Blow a kiss
Into the night.

The moon will comfort me.


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