Subtle Callings

Lonesome planet
why do you stake me
pierce me into
the ground
and make me.

why do you
bruise this
hull and
ache me

lonesome planet,
why do you break me

why don’t you
say outright you
hate me
why do you
throw me off
then sash me

with whatever it is you find.

Lonesome planet
I am not blind
though do I ever want to be
in this great big land of the
wild and free
lonesome planet,
is it really that you fail
to see

that i truly do not belong.

lonesome planet
haven’t we tried and tested
for far too long.

i love you
the idea
the picture
and the skies
that keep you true

but unhinge
and relent

give way and then
give vent
to my soul

The etheric double
beats for release
unhand me
let it be swift

let me go.


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