Like it all

First a day.
And then ten.
And now a lifetime.

Silence at the depths of the water.
Hands stretched out
Hands tearing from their limbs.
Eyes bleeding in the effort.

I succumbed.
You failed.

The mind of the masterful
Led the broken to its bait.


We crumble into the earth at the end.

Fooled by the glistening stars, you!

Oh you dangled
In a subconscious
Effort to
Recreate a timeless need for pain.

I succumbed.

I waited.
Hands stretched out
You failed.

And now the highest vibrations
Carry a moan.
A silent murmuring of
The heart that haunts.

How blind.
So blind
You let the colours fool you.


take these silver bonds.
take these shattered
rays of light.

Your heart.
Your hands
And your tainted fingers.

How well you fly.
I can only smile.
I can only smile.

Welcome End.
Why don’t we make love
So you can leave me
With the ailing
Progeny of your doom.

Come temptress light.
Adorn me.
Gorge me into
Your nakedness.
Cover me
With your nothing.

Your child scoffs at my mind.

I tired.
You know.
I know.
But what of?
What gives.

See parts marching of in the loud colours of company.
While particles break and in a frenzy battle to
Recover form.
Not shape.

Your child never considered what was at stake.
What of in dreamless night
When loud companies find their mate?

Your child was a puppet.
A puppet to my own
Predestined fate.

I can only smile.


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