Closer to the clouds,
That’s where.

When I’m not bigger.
But more.
When I’m not aging
But timeless.
When the rise of the sun and the
Peep of the moon
Mean nothing
More than heart
Breathless Beauty.

Further into the clouds.
All of this.
Dust- A distant fantasy
Of horses
Roughing their hooves
And men
Growing bigger in pride
And shrinking further still.

Don’t you see
The light when someone
Wishes the end
Were just a
Few more moments away.
That distance would
Have no meaning
That time would
Be a dream and
Was immeasurable.

Can’t you see?
The glitter,
The flutter.
The glowing?

Or is the dark too dark
In your corridors
And the Obvious
Too obscure?
Or don’t you just *know*

How to to read the eyes, and
Feel the vibrations
Change and mold and
Dance themselves into a monument
Of my dreams.

Yes those.
The ones that scream and
Ache and
Play with the most
Easy corners of my heart.
This heart.
The one you probably think I
Walk without.
You are not there yet.
But you could be.
Just like you used to.
Before I ever knew you.
Before I ever thought you.
Before I ever let myself believe
That You TOO could exist
On this planet.

THIS planet.
So bold and strong and beautiful.
So old.
So fucking new
When my mind keeps you around.
Yeah you!

The drums in a
Sleepy act.
The thunder
In a lazy play.
That nothing
That sweeps
It all the fuck away.

I guess you cannot read
I can’t blame you.
Because they never taught us to.

I could drive across the
Universe and never return
Just so I can fool
Myself into believing
That it’s everything else,
BUT for the fact that
I am not the lady bug that
Flutters your ever
I am not
The mischief
Not the Sunrise you seek.
We’re all searching aren’t we?

So Search.
While I travel across the Universe
To never return
Into a reality
That is all to familiar.
The dimensions don’t match.
What else?

Can you fathom a time
When time never was.
That in absent Flesh
You could truly see me.

Like the fun
In a night.
Like the comfort
In a lie
Like the future.
And everything it could be.
WE are not one of

We are not the monsoon
they predict,
Not the seeds
Laid out to grow
And not the winter that will come.
Warmer colder
And nothing like it has ever been before.

Before I drink it all up
Some more.
And give you more credit than its due.

Because it’s me.
It was never you.
I am the love I need to conquer.

You’re just another spark in
The grand possibility of
A flame that never was.

You’re a hope.
A hope I’ll never cease to have.

So go.
I understand
And I understand this.

Before I cave and let it all blurt out
In a deafening spew.

Before you get the best of me.


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