Can We?

Before the last time
It ever is.
Before it’s anything,
It became.
Before the spark.
Before the Thought.
Before the chance conception.

Just an act left
Breathless in the air.
Like the mile you never ran
Even after the Gun shot GO!
Just like the
Thought that disappeared
Before you could
Hold it.
Touch it.
Let it feel the hungry contours of your
Like that moment,
When an idea
licks your thirsty pallet
And sends you tingling
And ringing with excitement.

Just like the sneeze
That never made it.

Oh! If I could just
And have you
Dive through the
Of these
If I could
Just turn.
This once
Before this goes
On to be as it is…

…Something that never was.

Give this
Thundering form
A chance.

But when?
You go
Even before I can catch
My breath
At the sight of your being.

The phantasmagorical
Colours of what it could be
Tease me!
Freak me into
One breathlessly
Hopeless sigh.


So away
You mesmerize me.

Of course
You have dreams.
And I must find my own.

But oh if I could just turn
And land onto
Another branch of this timeline.
Another zestful possibility.

Where you turn when I do.

And that is all it takes.

Let a whisper
Turn to Noise
That we can then hideaway from.

Let the trickle turn
To fire that we can dance within.

And let the spark
Call Rain, a glorious
Burst that washes it all away.
The leaving.
The hoping.
The aching sigh…
…Leaving just you,
And with it, just I.
Before I never see you again.

On this day.
Before the day it all ends.

Look at me
And have me look at you.
Before I never see you again.

On this day.
Before the day it all ends.


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