Turning the Blade

You’ve got me
Cupped between
Your lazy facade.
Like a nightmare
You gaff me in.

I will turn the blade.

Swung between the
Gates of Purpose
And Abaddon
You lampoon me
With charred
Doses of Hope.

I cannot tell if
I hate you More
Or if it is this
Wandering Star that
I wrongly chose.

Worn out
My mind
Unconscious if
I go deeper
Or fall further

Could I truly be
This jilted.
I will turn the Blade once more.

My Conscience
Bleeds silver
From it’s cages.
I will flesh out in clouds of silence too.

What an Antechamber this
Subsistence has been.
My Tenor
My deliverance.

But I will turn the blade.
So be prepared.
For a liquid
Storm of
Pure Consciousness.

I grieve
That it was I you chose.
But I will abdicate
And I will

And I will be free

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