That I might whisper murder
Into your ears with delight.
And you would smile.
Knowing full well
That it is this meeting
That has killed me.

For at every painful
Moment when you hold on,
I succumb
To the wounds of
All that has been.

Here you are
Holding firm
The Sun reflected
Onto this mirror
In your heart
Blinding me.

That every time you
Approach, when it should’ve indeed been
It is in precisely those moments
That I die.

So kill
Sweet lover of
Timeless velocity.
Gouge out these insides
That I all but loath.
Only you can begin to fill
The caving cavities
Into Cisterning
Ponds of truth.

So smile lover
As I whisper sweet murder
Into your lips
Perhaps it is this dying
That I refused
That has never let me live.

So kill me
And let these chinks
Empty out trapped Time.

So kill me
So I can at long last be Mine

And then begin…


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