This is the Darkness.
This the silent calm.
This the lightless glow.

And the mystery that surrounds it all.

This is the Darkness.
Night whispers of unseen birds
Clean air laced with the scent of a thousand
Butterflies living and dying each day.

This is the Darkness.
The chilly night breeze
These great big heights
And all this un-traversed tapestry

This is the mud,
This is the path
This is the wilderness so seductively
Consummating and colourlessly Free.

This is everything that aligns me
Where I still don’t belong
And yet
So wholesomely becoming of me.


One thought on “Me

  1. vimal samuel says:

    This is the facet
    You indulge

    The night is eternal and pure
    So closing her eyelids
    The baby soars
    Even monsters stay away

    So likely
    The mother rests
    Her head turned west
    Smothered by the moon
    That still moves her

    This is your melange
    It’s easy to summarize the lot
    Much more difficult to separate
    The mellifluous intent that binds them

    You gravitate to your depths
    I hear windchimes

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