Guten Nacht

With your
Purple enchanted canyons
Fill these corridors with
Fog and haze
And let these
Wounded eyes
Quietly slip
Into a daze;
Let this rapid
Give into a
Come closer
And Erase
The polluted
Of a day
Lethargically spent.
Give vent
To all that sprightly
Mesmerize me
In mystery
And comfort me
By the distance
Of the possibilities
You concoct.
Ah dreamz,
Can’t you see
Me staring breathlessly
For your simple
Come by soon,
I wait gingerly
Under a quickly dying moon.

Whisper dust
Into my eyes.

Look at me
So recklessly willing to
Drop all guise;
For a simple
Night with you.

Don’t deny me.


2 thoughts on “Guten Nacht

  1. pkj says:

    I have read your this collection.I w’d like to say ,there is no words to say thanks for ur writings.TC.

  2. vimal says:

    In through the window
    No one home
    The soul there
    So startled
    Gave chase with a broom 🙂

    Entered through the skylight
    A carpet of thorns met his feet
    Shrieked and fled

    Never tried the door
    Afraid of devious contraptions
    Mysterious incantations
    Failed separations
    That clung around the door step
    Barring everyone

    Found solace in the garden
    So much beauty
    In desperate need of care
    Such wild imagination
    He stayed and played

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