Look at
These fingers
Flamboyant verbs
Masquerading them
Through these
Airy pages

How intangible it
All is;
The Transcendent,
The virtually omnipresent
The Forgiveness
The love
And the omnipotent.

I surrender now
Because I know nothing.


One thought on “

  1. vimal samuel says:

    A little child knows what safety is
    You see them run from strangers

    A little flower knows what sunlight is
    Look how it turns and unfurls

    A little effort goes a long way
    A little is never what it seems…

    A little brook understands its purpose
    Always ready to quench a thirst

    A little oasis in the desert
    Waits, watches, wonders
    Then when a caravan stops
    It gives, it gushes
    All manner of comeliness
    Lavishing shade and shelter
    In heaps

    A little truth knows how powerful it is
    It can bring kingdoms to their knees
    Topple the mightiest overnight
    Acquire untold benefits
    But a little does not exert itself
    It knows its worth
    Its little


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