Little boy of wonder
So sweet
With a pure
Chocolate heart of

You really cared.

Though apologetic
I am no more.
I wish for you that you
Could step out of your
Cottage of gloom
And let go of this
Love for brooding
You have fastened to

If it hasn’t already
Pretty soon you’ll
Have the repulsion
Disguised in pity
That you have for yourself,
Reflected back to you.

What’s so wrong
Huh Isiah?
Point all your fingers
And then
Let it go.

You are beautiful
You know.
So what if
Things didn’t work out.
Why not carry the beauty
Instead of
Cradling it into a
Toxic curdle in your

this is not the test
you are making it out to be.
It’s time to let go now..

go on.. Be free


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