Aging night
Dying into
Premature light
Ausculate these
Infuriated stars
Causing frenzy
In the skies.

Look how they
Between silver
Shades of the moon

Aging night
Why die at all
When you’re always
Dying too soon?

Willow weaving
Silken breezes
From weeping grains of
Piping sand.

Wolvish peals
Pierce right through
The embroidery
Of dark
Pulsating love

Aging night!
Borrow a little more
Don’t let
The sun dry these
Fresh scars
And push
Till morning
Knows not to thrust back

Hack into the ingrained
Schedules and schemes!
Spin the axis slower
If you must
But let these
Lust within
Your sedatley

Aging night!
Stop your rampant
Calm down just a bit.
Let these lovers sit

Maybe give those angry stars
The audience they crave.


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