Fellow Sojourner…

Where are you?
With your promise of freedom
Your quotes on
And individuality.

Where are you
With the wars
You fought for
For mass
For yourself
With me.

But what about me?

Where are you?
Stealing peeks
To be more informed
Quenching sparkks
Before a fire
What happened to you?

Aren’t we
From beyond?
From timeless
From losing
And gaining
And longing for
A single breath

We’ve never been ones for proclamations
What happened to you
My Twin.
Why do you mangle our souls
In the careless
What happened to the joys
The truth we bring?

All shambled
In brief insecurities?
Don’t let mortal living
Get the betrer of you.
We are so much more.


One thought on “Fellow Sojourner…

  1. Staring across the waters for your echo
    Reaching for the stars – let’s go

    Where earth meets sky
    There beneath the shade of cypress
    Across a sapphire table
    Reflecting off your carefree pupils
    Sipping tea

    I strode across frontiers with aplomb
    Hoping to catch the sun’s first rays
    See what cards fate plays
    Emptiness stays
    Wishful thinking

    We are from the dust that shapes us
    All petite and poignant
    Hearts like lions
    Toss the coin

    When we move foundations shake
    A slight flutter in our soul
    A little trembling of hands
    Then we alight on new adventures
    Racing forward…

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