A careless
Chink escapes
Rills in Curves
And relaxes at the
ends of my cheeks.

Flush into
So deep
The couloirs
Of this stricken

Now we travel.

Through this Ghastly South
Mildewing with the sullen East.
Trespassing across this Worldly Feast.
Acknowledging seventeen years of its
Abating curing hands
Taking stand
Moving forward

Over mountainous Honolulu
Look at you
Smiling over
Crafty similes.
My lofty breath
Tickles these
Neon glowing
Caressing the earth’s
Heaving mien
As it sees me
I can hear the
restless Breathing
As I Fly

Through Magical Alaska
And swim beyond
The rupture of the lights
The ache of leaving
Has never felt sweeter.
Heart stops in inhumane

And then Beyond
This breathless frontier
Always at a distance, I,
See the Earth Accede.
Uplift me
Beyond Terra
Terra Firma
Terrene misgivings
The zephyr delivers me
Across the Galaxy
Over stars
Beatific I will be

For amidst the everything,
There is nothing here.


3 thoughts on “**Umera

  1. dblossomgurl says:

    Luv this! ! Sharing. !

  2. lovely piece
    lovely melody 🙂

    Frames seem so redundant
    Out of focus, yet so serene
    Wish you felt what I mean

    The nothings that you confess
    Have laid me to rest
    An infant stupor
    A delayed response and I tremble aloud
    You stick out among the crowd
    The early bird is never the quitter
    The dying night with a rhyming elation
    Is sweeter

    Sent now without delay
    A white dove with a sprig of thyme
    So perspectives may realign

    Then when you rest under the boughs
    Beside the river
    That sings you to sleep
    A glistening fish will pause in the current
    A glimpse to keep

    The old gives way to the new
    Resolutions are all askew
    Still my regards skip to this effect
    May your spirit bound as you reflect

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