31st December
My first yard
After commencement
First of many to come.

But where are you?
As I clown through
These billion
That Submerge
And Layer a continent
With their colours.

Where are you?
Aren’t you supposed to be
here with me?

But where are you?
While I freak
Inside the changing room
Turning left
From right
Turning in cirles
In plight
You are nowhere in sight.

It’s unlike me
To curl up
Inside your existing

Wasn’t there a cord?
Between us
Weren’t you my
Bridge from my kingdom
To beyond?
Didn’t I chose you?

But where are you?
As My bosom
Fills into
This attire
I used to admire you

Where are you?

If not for kin
For stranger.
Doesn’t your
Beckon me

Warrant your
heart was
never ours
To start
Warrant this
Was never meant as

What am I saying then.
Who do I ask.
Where are you

While I clown my
Way through these colours.
While I drape myself
Within my first real Yard.

Where are you?

So far away from the contours of my mind.


3 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. sari? 🙂
    he, he… that’s what came to mind…
    no idea otherwise…

    As it falls behind your back
    The one spoken to
    Would not retract
    A step
    Instead hold you up and gaze
    At the locks of hair
    That gently envelope your neck
    Wishing they were his hands
    Wishing you could not stand
    So you’d fall
    And he’d be there

    As it weaves across your chest
    Imagine strong arms that never rest
    No other image would suit him best
    Than a flower draped in a yard celeste

    As it rests at your battle-worn feet
    Petals of jasmine he sprinkles so neat
    Like the goddess all dressed in white
    She brightens his weakening world inside

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