Fuck you Again

Fuck you
Because I am
So angry
That I cannot think.

Fuck you
For making me cry.
Fuck you for your
Your fucking modesty
And your filth.

Fuck you for setting
Fuck you
For breaking us
fuck you fuck you fuck you

Dear God,
Could this really be true.
Is this the land
You conspired
Why did you bring me here?
So I could break
And take?
Why did I come here.

I am so angry
I cannot think
You have brought me
To my brink

So fuck you
fuck you
This battle is fucking on.


One thought on “Fuck you Again

  1. On stranger lands we might stay away
    We might hide in caves and whisper
    But not here, not now

    If it engulfs you, saturate
    if it groans, reiterate

    All points connected
    Left to stand alone
    In center
    Rope’s tightening…

    Choked, spat out, discarded
    Disgruntled pilgrims fall on pointless swords
    While the simple survive
    On pathos and logos

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