To never be forgotten

Whoever thought you
could write
Pages into pages
Of this golden

Where silken
Fragments of Silence
Swim in exotic
And Freedom.

Whoever thought
You could speak
Such heavenly
oozing from
Your cores
Into mine.

Losing and Gaining
In the Darkness
And bleeding.

Whoever walked
Under these majestic
Domes, touched these
And  nestled these
Floors in primal awe.

Whoever did,
Didn’t know of me.
Didn’t know of you.

Such a pity.
The Silver corridors
Of this age
Could never
The golden
Silhouettes of our time.

Whoever thought you could predict.
That you could be gone.
And so could I.

So hold me now.In this timeless temple
So Wrongly Placed
Wrongly Stayed
Wrongly Present.

Hold me now
So we Live in the
capsule of our time
And never be forgotten.


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