There it is!

Its the edge of the hill and
There! Just there, is everything I need to

My tongue licks the
Tip of its roof
Hitting at the Closed
Contours of its being.

It’s so close! It’s so close!

But the tongue’s left thirsty.

It’s the end of the day
And so many nothings have come to
But there it dangles,
Tethering at the last sigh of
Dusk. And as the night reaches out for it,
So do I.


It’s the death of another moment
So casually gone by
But there it slips
A vapour of our needy thoughts
Slivers out to catch the dew of
All learning.
There is it!

The sun comes burning
Onto the pulling soul,
The restless tongue
Kissing tears into the thirsty night.

Yet there it dangles
Between the sheets
The haunting sun
And helpless twilight
Wrestling like snakes
In the wild jungle of my eyes.

Yet there it lies.
Everything I need to know.
All that I need to understand.
I am dead in Silence.

It’s the edge of the hill
Colours streak into the arena of
The sky.
The day comes closer.

And yet… There it dangles.


One thought on “There it is!

  1. dblossomgurl says:

    “i am dead in the silence”… luv it!

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