Words too literal.
Stars too far off course and obscure
Energies strong, brooding, waiting.
The number one rule here
Is the mind.

Conquer one and conquer
The idealistic path to disappointment.
The mystic preaches travel
Beautifully silvered by the magic of
Quiet, white night, and eternity.

What if I walked passed my grave
Would I know?
Would I feel the life
That never leaves.
The soul that never dies
Would it know?
What is true
From a million years ago.

Time today is literal
And the mystic heart cries.
Luminous phosphorous
Ignites the night
As the incandescent soul dances out
A ritual in the yellow warm
Of a cave.
Shadow fills up the room
Flickering a narration symbolizing eternity.
Not too far.
One not too soon.

I was then. And I am now.
Further. And Closer.
And far away.


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