Would it be alright to say
That the Golden summer
of this aching heart
is no longer as tender as it used to be.
That the breeze,
So warm from its encapsulated hug
Held firm against it’s breezy chest
No longer speaks of all the hidden futures
And possibilities it could see.

Would it be alright to say
That the freezing winter
filled with Darkness
Seems estranged.
That things are changing.
So fast that these fingers
Can no longer comprehend the
Pace of this racing mind.

Would it be safe to say
That I find not a glimmer
But a torrent of hope
Yet Somewhere far away
So close
That I can hear the badger
Badger within this cage so fine
So brown and so sturdy
That the fire flutters within
Like a fly trapped in the palm of
An unforgiving hand.
Waiting. Craving. Longing to break.
Break into the glimmer that could
Well light a fire.
So bold
So strong
So everlasting
That there will be no looking behind.

Will it be alright to confess
That perhaps this mind is amess
And amiss with fear and hope and
All those emotions running amock
That they can only be so true.
The only things that validate
The badger within.
That I fear, what it would mean
To let the glimmer in.

And what it would mean to never Look Behind

Would it be fine
If I could just stand here a while
On the edge of this elevated
Staircase into the sky
Still rooted so deep into the earth.
Please don’t think me absurd
To want to breathe the stillness
Just a bit.
To sit
And resurrect these ancient thoughts,
Tickle these flighty toes so miserably shackled
And let these silly eyes merge freely
Into the glamour of this spectacular sight

Would be alright
If I could just let the thrill out
in a squeal so shrill and
Uninhibited as it was all was meant to be
Would it be too much to say
That maybe this cage is willing
To give way.
That there is urgency to
Feel that bliss.

But first
And before we continue
Into a new song.
Let me alone a while
In this beautiful stirring stillness
So I can empty out
All that I kept within.
Let me embrace
This big and bright
And bold and friendly mess.
So I can let in
That beautiful Darkness
I had once loved, and now I miss.


One thought on “Stages

  1. dblossomgurl says:

    Tears of joy .. u make me so proud….

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