Without manipulating
these words
To suite your pallet
With structure
Zest and rhyme
I can tell you this today
Because I guess it’s time

I am breaking. Broken.
Breaking still.

I am shaking. Woken.
Waking still.
I am finished. Undone.
And ceasing.

I am barely breathing.

I am listening. Listened. Heard and
Over said.
In all the unspoken silences
I couldn’t care to share
Couldn’t wait till you appeared.
I am breaking. Broken. Fading to disappear.

I am blending. Melting. Moving into
The darkness of the night.
I am being dressed
By stars and dreams and all the things
it seems I forget. Have forgotten. No longer exist
in the beauteous realms of my mind.
I am giving in
to the torture
Sent by that glorious light divine.

I am breaking. broken. Breaking still.
I am not climbing that great big hill.
I am being taken. Held. Left behind.
I am losing. and so is my mind.

I chip. Chop and slice up
With every strum of that minor chord.
I am in an ever ending dialogue with god.
And if those wishes ever do come true
I plan to swim over this soul
This sky
All this meaning
Everybody seems to own the right to.
I am meeting god
With a single idea. True.

I tell you this
Because I think its time
To clear out this doubt
Leave all this longing behind.
See clearly through the mist.
I tell you this today
Because thought, I believe
Must cease to exist.



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