Where are those pieces
Of a time so dark and blue
Where are those moments,
When every heartache was
Where is all that darkness gone
And in it, where are you.

Where are all the sandbags
That justified this pain so new
Where all the windows
Warm lights and their hue
Where has all that darkness gone
And with it, where have you.

I can feel the distance
Between the fragments of
This life that comes and goes
I can feel the old evenings
Of times I didn’t know.
Where is all that music
Where did all that darkness go.

I was just a vibration
From strums and chords I
couldn’t hear
I was just a miracle
Waiting to appear.

Where are those walls,
that heard my thoughts
Where are those broken
I miss the sound
Of those wounding screams
I miss the agony that was so true.

Where is that fear
That made me look outside
Where is that fire
That I loved to hide.

Where are those moments
When no day,no night was sure
I can’t feel the light at the distance
I can feel the darkness no more.

Where is the hope
A promise I’d be saved
Where is all the freedom
For which that past I braved.

What are those grey feelings
and yellow lights from homes never once mine
Where have I forgotten
In which alley of time.
Where is all the darkness
Whose power was once, all mine.


One thought on “

  1. Slicing and piercing through the very core of what beats to the rhythm of flowing blood through the veins! A blissfull place to be, this is.

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