What gives you the right to look down on me

You can tell me
That i’m not good enough
That you had bigger hopes
That this is not what you expected
From someone like me.

Someone like me?
Do you know the places I come from?
The dark and deathly alleys that I have crossed
Fallen, drowned and crawled out of?

Do you know the secrets that I hold
Have held, as firmly as I held
My stare at the ice cream stick
In your hand.
When you and I were just ‘a child’

Do you think you could
Ever understand the choking
From the very air that you call life.
Would it be fair to surmise
That I could have been so much better than
You think I am.

Because really,

You could never understand,
These battles. These lonesome gruesome battles
That steal all the ideal and concepts
That make you.

They make you.
Not me.
Do you know that I could perhaps
Never ever be as free.
As the person you were, and all that you could be.

Do you know that it was three
Or four times before I braved my mind
and told myself that I COULD SURVIVE.

That I WOULD survive.
When not a soul turned to hold the
Hand of that little broken girl.
I came through.
I told her one day
it would be
Me and you.

I told her, one day
It will all be alright.
I told her it’s okay
for now,
Just hide.

Hide in these corridors
That let you be.
Because really,
No one here can see you
In this land of the free
And the gifted
And the blessed
And the lucky
And the sorted
And the ones simply taken care of.

So it’s okay.
You think I’m not good enough?
Well I’m just happy that I made it.
I’m happy I survived.

You can tell me I’m not good enough.


One thought on “What gives you the right to look down on me

  1. We are what we are
    And that is enough
    We cannot be what is expected
    What they’ve rejected
    Something subjected and weakly

    We are what we choose
    And that is enough
    Pity the clod who threatens to nod
    And steal away what is ours freely

    We are what we believe
    And that is the end
    We will never live up to the stigma
    They so rigorously worship
    For we know what we’re made of
    We know what drives us
    We know what conquers us
    And that is enough

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