You seem to misunderstand

You seem to Misunderstand
Silence for patience
Patience for distance
And distance for proximity.

You seem to misunderstand
Chaos for comfort
Comfort for boredom
And boredom for Love.

You seem to think
Fights must be made up
Kisses must be free
And Life must be
Scintillating at all times.

You seem to misunderstand
Intensity for peace
Peace for fear
And fear for the only truth to hold.

You seem to think
Promises are a lifetime
a lifetime is a day
And a day for all the chaos you can conjure.

You seem to like
The friction
Love the longing
Fear the calm
And need a complaint.

You seem to misunderstand
Gestures for solutions
Solutions for permanence
And yet, you fear Permanence.

You seem to forget
That poetry is motion
Motion is effort
And effort is the promise
of Love.

And yet,
I quote you a mystic today
So you always remember:
“It doesn’t matter that you’ve broken your vow
a thousand times. Still come,
and yet again, come.”

I’ll wait.


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