With you the Nights are Shorter

With you the nights are shorter
Ending just as it began.
Slipping swiftly like the tumble of clouds over clouds
That just when my muggy mind falls cotton into your arms
I fear that Day stretches out way over the moon
Faster than it ever has before.
And I sigh.

With you the nights are shorter
And the Day long, unspent and restless.
Unending it drags on
While I count and count and count the hours.
And I sigh.

With you the weather is always
Fresh rain.
Damp, cold, beautiful and grey
So we can snuggle
And let our breathing play.

With you, the moonlight
Priceless silver.
Dark, magic, ubiquitous and
Sweet surrender blue
Because with you,
I long for the million stars
That whisper travel across the skies
With you,
My heart unravels,
As racing beats
pray humble,
hold on patience
with all their might.
With you, my soul
waits painfully for the tardy night.

With you the heart heavies
Too blue and all too soon
Sighing at that mocking Day
reaching zestfully for the moon.


One thought on “With you the Nights are Shorter

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